Transportation Industry

Bridges and Dams

drone bridge inspections
bridge inspections with drones

Services for Bridges & Dams markets include:

•  Top down / Bottom Up view
•  Digital elevation models
•  Cost reduction due to minimal staff and operating costs
•  Inspection of all areas, even inside the pylons and from below
•  Reduced inspection time per bridge
•  Traffic can flow during inspection
•  High resolution photography depicts minute cracks and defects
•  Significant economic benefits eliminating lane closures
•  Regular inspections (major and minor inspections)
•  Damage investigations, for example rust, water damage, storm damage
•  On-top camera position for taking pictures of the bottom of the bridge
•  Vertical ascent with stable flight characteristics


Drones on Railroads

Services for Rail markets include:

•  Geo-referenced 3D point clouds
•  Digital elevation models
•  Panoramic imagery
•  Top down views of tracks
•  2 CM accuracy