Energy Industry

Electric Utilities

Electric Power Line Drone services
Electric Industry - Drones

Services for Electric markets include:

•  High resolution photo and video inspection of energy infrastructure
•  Inspection of substation infrastructure
•  IR Inspections
•  3D imaging and point cloud / photogrammetry of utility towers and transmission lines
•  Wind turbine inspections
•  Aerial infrared thermography
•  Ultraviolet corona detection
•  3D point clouds and elevation
•  Photogrammetry
•  High resolution still and video (incl. telephoto)
•  Cloud services for data review

Oil & Gas

Drones for Oil Industry

Services for Oil & Gas markets include:

•  Pipeline review and compliance
•  Flare Stack Inspections
•  Thermal imaging
•  Pylon Inspections


Mining Industry with Drones
Mining Industry Services for Drones

Services for Mining markets include:

•  Survey of challenging sites such as quarries, sand pits, landfills, coal stockpiles, etc.
•  Point cloud generation
•  Volume calculation
•  Creation of location and inventory plans
•  Creation of topographic images
•  Creation of planning fundamentals
•  Documentation of construction progress
•  Aerial photographs