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Solusia Air, LLC is an aerial data acquisition and analytics firm that utilizes engineered UAS technologies to capture high-resolution 3D point cloud images, photogrammetry, video, and thermal imaging.  We give customers advanced views, insights and technical data and analysis that provide repeatable and objective results, increased safety, reduced costs, and actionable data.

FAA granted approval - Solusia Air

Solusia Air has been granted approval from the FAA to operate commercial UAS and is permitted to fly under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act.

Industries Served


Drones (UMA) in the Energy Industry


Drones (UMA) in the Transportation Industry

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our engineered UAS solutions are designed to give enterprises a cost-effective means for gathering and analyzing data. Applications and services include:

•  Flight demonstration and support services
•  Rail assessments
•  Mining surveys
•  3D point cloud modeling & cloud services
•  IR and spectral analysis

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